Professional Scissor Sharpening Service


What’s Included?

Your hair cutting scissors should be serviced every year during normal use but if you create more than average number of cuts then we suggest a service twice per year. Your scissor should always be serviced by a qualified technician.

Our service includes a detailed pre-service inspection report followed by a deep machine polish to rectify any edge faults. We then polish the ride area and hone line using a Japanese glass stone with a grit rating of 6000, this is an essential part of the service process. You can have a perfect convex edge but if the ride line is not polished then your scissor simply will not glide.

The next process is gentle work with a diamond wheel to recreate the cutting edge, this process takes away a very small amount of steel to create a burr. Next the blades are worked on a leather polishing wheel to convex your scissors to the correct angle.

We then check the scissor balance and sett, rubber stopper, tension screw system and finger rest and make any required corrections and replace any parts if needed.

All scissors are then cut tested in both wet and dry tissue, cleaned, oiled, polished and returned back to you.



Post your scissors securely. Please ensure you post in a padded envelope and enclose your details.

Post your scissors to:

Precision Sharpening
2A Blue Street
SA31 3LQ

Important Information

Please add any specific notes about your scissor to the “order notes” section. Add details of any issues you may be experiencing with your scissors, for example, you may have dropped them and they are not cutting at the tips.

Scissor Sharpening For Hair Professionals

Premium Online Scissor Sharpening Service

Had my scissors sharpened within a day and it delivers amazing performance. Great price and service. Thank you.

Senol Nacar

Sent my scissors off on Wednesday late in the day and they arrived back today. A super fast job, they have been serviced and sharpened and are probably better than when they were brand new. Did both my scissors and texturizers for a really great price and a brilliant job! Would recommend to anyone.

Luke David Michael Davies

Brilliant service, scissors are like new again!

Danielle Bidder


Precision Sharpening
2A Blue Street
SA31 3LQ

T. 07805 362720


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